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Understand the advantages of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™

June 21, 2016

Health is such an important part of the human experience. Good health, on the one hand, enables us to live the life we want by giving us the energy we need and the functional body systems that work together to allow us to walk, run and spend time with people we care about. By contrast, poor health can limit our ability to interact with others, prevent us from feeling good physically and mentally and present challenges when it comes to important decisions for couples such as achieving pregnancy. Through NaPro TECHNOLOGY™, many couples have found peace of mind by focusing on total health in a scientific way.

The purpose of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is to help women maintain their reproductive health as well as their gynecological health. Although NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is a total health system that includes things like medical and surgical options, its focus is not on more invasive approaches such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) but rather on syncing the body’s various systems with one another to achieve positive health outcomes. Any surgery or treatment is introduced in a way that corresponds fully with a woman’s reproductive system. It also takes into consideration any health issues the husband might be facing so the couple can work together toward their personal health objectives.

Advantages of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™

There are numerous positive benefits of approaching health care through the lens of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™. Couples who are unfamiliar with the principles of this perspective deserve to understand its core values and how it can benefit their lives.

The first thing to understand about NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is that medical practitioners who follow its principles understand the importance of discovering the underlying factors that create health problems as opposed to merely treating symptoms. It’s one thing to prescribe aspirin for a headache; it’s another thing to understand that persistent headaches are caused by consumption of too much caffeine, or persistent back pain, or other factors entirely. Medication can only do so much when underlying factors are causing the symptom of a headache to occur regularly. In the same way, reproductive health issues often can be traced back to other health issues in the body that need to be treated in order to achieve a successful pregnancy. NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ can be used to identify these issues in full cooperation with couples.

Second, NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ really works. In contrast to a single supplement or alleged cure-all, NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is a total system that focuses on the needs of the entire body. There is evidence it can be more cost-effective than IVF and also less invasive—a welcome relief for couples who understand the intensive nature of IVF treatments.

Third, medical professionals who use NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ in their practices are able to focus on each woman’s menstrual needs and her fertility cycles. shares several examples of this process in action. In one case, a physician prescribed Vitamin B6 as a means of enhancing mucus for a woman who had experienced dry cycles and multiple years of infertility. The outcome proved to be limited mucus and soon thereafter, a pregnancy. In another case, NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ successfully helped a couple become pregnant despite issues such as endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction and low sperm count.

Although many couples can achieve similar outcomes with help from procedures such as IVF, we believe it is best to address the needs of the whole body and the root causes of health conditions. In this way, couples become healthier and thus naturally are better prepared to achieve pregnancy and other desired outcomes. This alternative to assisted reproductive technology such as IVF can be a welcome relief for men and women who have faced infertility for many years.

The decision to explore an IVF alternative in Wausau and Weston Wisconsin is a personal one and deserves full consideration. Let Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center provide you with education and encouragement about making healthy choices in the best interest of your family.

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