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Five facts about NaPro TECHNOLOGY™

July 25, 2016

The word “technology” means different things to different people. For many of us, the phrase calls to mind images of robots parading down LED-lit hallways, servers humming in a room deep underground, or self-driving cars racing down the freeway. In reality, though, technology is simply the set of tools that helps us accomplish tasks we never even dreamed of. If you have always dreamed of starting a family but never thought it would be possible because of preexisting health conditions, NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ might be right for you.

Unlike other fertility treatments, NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is an approach to women’s health issues that seeks to correct the underlying problem, which then can improve fertility and help to overcome infertility. The basis of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is rooted in science and in the notion that our bodies are capable of sending warning signals that, when treated, can help us lead healthier lives.

Here are facts to know about NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ and its ability to help couples overcome fertility challenges they might have experienced for years.

Fact #1: It is a system, not a device. NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is an approach to fertility treatment, not an object you buy at the hardware store. The first part of the phrase actually is derived from the words “natural” and “procreative,” which speak to the natural means by which it seeks to facilitate conception and pregnancy. No device is capable of achieving something so fragile and beautiful as pregnancy, which is why we have invested our time and expertise in understanding fully the human body and the ways its systems work together—or against one another—in reproduction.

Fact #2: It is a customized approach, not a cookie-cutter one. It’s our belief that fertility treatment is much more complicated than simply writing a medical prescription or providing a list of a few key steps to follow. Instead, physicians will take time to peel away the layers of your medical history to expose potential relationships and identify root factors that might be contributing to infertility. By gathering a complete picture of your health physically, mentally, and emotionally, doctors have a better shot at making an accurate diagnosis that will help you and your spouse achieve pregnancy.

Fact #3: It requires a lot of listening. The only way to fully understand a patient’s medical circumstances is to sit down, ask questions, and listen to each answer in detail. All of our lives are busy, and doctors are as guilty as anyone for rushing sometimes and failing to take note of each patient’s unique medical environment. When you work with a NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ specialist, you will be partnering with a professional who cares deeply about your personal circumstances and will take time to listen, learn and offer solutions for you and your spouse.

Fact #4:  It requires the ability to view your fertility as part of your overall health. When it comes to using NaPro TECHNOLOGY™, you might not encounter many people in your immediate circle who have tried it—and yet, by working with a trusted medical practitioner, you will be exposed to other families experiencing success with this approach. Depending on your comfort level, you might consider starting a support group or otherwise connecting with families who are going through similar experiences with NaPro TECHNOLOGY™. By learning from one another and hearing success stories, you will find encouragement and draw strength from people whose experiences often mirror your own.

Fact #5: Treatment options are available closer than you think. If you suspect alternatives to IVF are only present in big cities, you’d be wrong. We have extensive expertise in natural fertility treatment, and we are eager to help you wherever you might live.

If you are seeking an IVF alternative in Wausau and Weston Wisconsin, visit Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center or call us at 715-298-5991. Together, we will identify an individualized approach to health care that will support your journey to growing your family.

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