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Why women turn to NaPro TECHNOLOGY™

June 15, 2017

66442840 - portrait of young and delighted parents expecting a babyWhere there is science, there is hope. That sentiment underpins NaPro TECHNOLOGY™. This new women’s health science enables doctors to better understand their patients through charting, which can then be used to make informed decisions about her reproductive care.

NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ might not be on your radar yet. But as you learn more about this science, you will quickly discover it is based on medical evidence and supportive of couples seeking to conceive. If you and your spouse are determining how to proceed on your family planning journey, we encourage you to learn more about NaPro TECHNOLOGY™.

At the heart of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is a desire to maintain women’s health at all levels. Rather than being built on invasive technology, this science seeks to better understand the reproductive system to ensure treatments are compatible with it.

What to know about NaPro TECHNOLOGY™

This science is built on the notion that doctors should seek to treat the root cause of health problems rather than only focusing on symptoms. Medical professionals who address only symptoms too often leave underlying issues untouched. That means patients routinely experience similar problems with little relief, creating worry, frustration and even pain. At our clinic, our team understands the value of treating your health in a holistic way to ensure nothing is missed. You can expect us to ask plenty of questions about your medical history and background to ensure we have identified root causes of health issues in an effort to address them through treatment and improve how you are feeling.

Another component of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ that is attractive to many couples is its cost compared to other approaches to infertility. Although it is less well-known than treatment options such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), this science has comparable outcomes to IVF and is more cost-effective. That gives couples facing infertility added peace of mind and provides hope that the work they are doing now will create opportunities to conceive in the future. Our team understands what couples face as they seek to overcome infertility. We will listen with empathy and provide treatment with care.

The collaborative approach of NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ is attractive to many couples. Rather than forcing a woman’s body into a proverbial box based on a set of cookie-cutter medical recommendations, this science encourages doctors and patients to work alongside women’s fertility and menstrual cycles. Every person is different, so it simply doesn’t make sense to use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team will help you with the charting process and ensure you understand what the data points say about your well-being as we collect them. Education is a powerful resource for couples that seek solutions to infertility.

You might be surprised (and excited) to learn NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ isn’t a major time investment at all. In fact, your responsibilities for charting your cycles should only take a handful of minutes on any given day. Our team will read through your charting history and explain the next steps you can take. Depending on your situation, recommendations might include bio-identical hormone therapy, prescription medication or even surgical procedures. These approaches will help you move forward on your family planning journey. For example, hormone therapy can help correct imbalances within your body, creating an atmosphere where a baby can be conceived and grow in a healthy way. Similarly, a minor surgical procedure can create an environment that is perfect for a new baby.

For couples seeking an IVF alternative in Wausau and Weston Wisconsin, Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center can provide more information about the benefits of this innovative women’s health science. We encourage you to call us at 715-298-5991 for complete details.

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