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Emotional coping through an infertility diagnosis

February 15, 2018

For some, an infertility diagnosis can seem like one of the greatest challenges of their life, one that simply can’t be overcome without a miracle. If this sounds like you, we would ask you to consider this a reason to renew your hope. There are ways to address an infertility diagnosis that do not require miracles.

First, remember you are not alone. Although sharing stories about personal things seems nerve-wracking, it also provides a safe place for people who have gone through similar experience to share their personal journeys. Infertility does not happen in a vacuum.

Taking infertility head on7208893 - man comforting a woman

An infertility diagnosis is bound to cause a cascade of emotions. You may feel shame or feel like you should blame yourself. Don’t. Always remember it is not your fault. It is not your partner’s fault.

Navigating through this diagnosis without it negatively impacting your relationship is key. Communication is key. Never fear to talk things through. Keeping your bond strong requires being honest with each other.

Some believe in firmly setting boundaries on appointments, options, treatments and costs, that way if something doesn’t work, a plan is in place to account for it. There is nothing wrong with having preset agreements in place regarding what you want to try and how much you can spend. Clinics like ours can assist you with these considerations.

The methods and techniques associated with NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ and functional medicine, an infertility diagnosis is not the end of the road for you and your family. We devote great time and care to creating a plan that is tailored to the individual needs of our patients. We are here with you to take infertility head on!

Exploring functional medicine and infertility

Dr. Couri and Dr. Smyth spent many, many years working in family practices, obstetrical care, emergency and urgent care. Yet it was in 2006, during their time at Ministry Fertility Care Center in Plover, Wisconsin, that the pair first met and started down a path that would lead them on a whole new adventure.

During their time at Ministry Health Care, both Dr. Couri and Dr. Smyth learned everything they could about NaPro TECHNOLOGY™ and functional medicine. Their goal was to offer a new level of care based upon the body’s own natural rhythms.

After some time preparing their vision, the two enterprising physicians opened Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center in 2015. Since opening their clinic, Dr. Couri and Dr. Smuth have treated hundreds of patients, offering comprehensive health programs designed to help patients reach optimal reproductive health and increase their overall level of wellness.

Health for Life Medical Center focuses on helping couples address unexplained fertility problems through means other than pills, surgery or IVF. The functional medicine approach views the human body as an entire, integrated system, rather than a hodgepodge of independent organs that don’t relate to each other and must be divided up by medical specialty.

Infertility’s direct relation to poor health

Getting and staying pregnant is undoubtedly the most complex biochemical process that a human body can go through. Consider for a moment what is required to develop healthy eggs, fertilize them, then develop a fetus into a human being. There are a lot of places where the process could go wrong.

Therefore, it is so important to ensure you and your partner are focused laser-like on maintaining the highest level of health and wellness possible. The fact is, if you want to raise a healthy baby, you must treat your body well.

Are you curious about how you can both become more proactive about your health and successfully get pregnant and carry to term? If you are looking for infertility clinics in central Wisconsin, look no further, it may be time to give your friends at Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center a call. We’re standing by!

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