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IVF alternatives exist to provide options

August 16, 2018

42784068 - infertile couple giving a bribe for ivf treatmentFor couples having trouble conceiving, timing is a word they hear a lot. It is one of the things we talk about here at Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center. Charting a cycle over the course of time is one of the core essentials of what we do. Conceiving a child is not an easy process for everyone, even when there are no infertility issues at play. Choosing IVF or an IVF alternative adds to the unpredictable nature of conception.

Challenges — mental, physical, and social, to name a few — arise when dealing with infertility. The process of finding a suitable IVF alternative you are comfortable with should not add to these challenges. An infertility diagnosis creates potential issues within relationships. From emotional stress to financial stress, a couple trying to conceive already has a lot on their mind. That’s why we aim to relieve some of the stress of finding an IVF alternative. We use a special process designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to achieving pregnancy.

Achieving pregnancy does not just “happen”

Even for fertile couples, it can take time and work to achieve a successful pregnancy. It may come as a surprise to some, but it can often take up to a year of intercourse to get the timing right. For couples who have less than optimal fertility health, it can take even longer. In some cases, it might not happen without medical assistance.

When someone casually says that getting pregnant is the easiest thing in the world, although their comment may be well-meaning, it’s important to understand that many different factors can and do impede fertility. Fertility is just as unique and personal to each individual as their eye color, sense of humor, or genetic disposition.

It’s more than “Sperm meets Egg”

Fertility is more involved than the simple equation of “Sperm meets Egg.” A complex mix of events must take place, in a perfectly-timed manner, for pregnancy to be possible. A woman’s body must create a healthy egg. The egg will then need to be maintained and safely transported from the ovaries to the uterus. Then, the woman’s body must produce enough supporting hormones to allow for a healthy pregnancy to occur. And contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all about the woman.

A man must also be able to produce adequate, healthy sperm that can quickly swim to the egg and merge with it to create human life. Even with viable sperm, they must reach their destination at the right time. A man and woman’s body must be compatible with each other. If the woman is allergic to the man’s sperm or her body’s pH balance kills his sperm, it will impact more than the sperm itself. It will drastically impact the chances for that couple to conceive naturally and on their own.

Why there is still a need for a viable IVF alternative

While some women do become pregnant without “trying” there are many factors at play. Unprotected sex over a long period of time could lead to conception. For many people, conception is elusive, so they begin considering IVF as an option. Sometimes medical science and commercial pressures from television and advertisements can make hopeful parents-to-be feel as though there is no other way. But there are other ways, and we can help.

We are here to tell you there are IVF alternatives you can count on. We offer them here at Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center. For an IVF alternative in Central Wisconsin that you don’t have to second guess, contact us today.

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