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Turning to NaPro TECHNOLOGY® because it is the right answer

December 20, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.01.26 PMAn unfortunate aspect of infertility treatment is that many couples aren’t aware of some of the alternative infertility treatments at their disposal. One such treatment, NaPro TECHNOLOGY®, provides a safe and reliable alternative to in vitro fertilization. When a couple is having trouble conceiving, there could be many factors at play causing a negative outcome. Trusting in a method like NaPro TECHNOLOGY® provides couples with another answer, one that may offer both a safe and effective alternative.

NaPro TECHNOLOGY® is a method of addressing a woman’s natural cycles, environmental factors, hormone imbalances, and more. Clinics that utilize this type of infertility treatment offer a range of solutions designed to overcome critical health aspects that other methods overlook.

Finding the answer through NaPro TECHNOLOGY®

There are some specific examples of how NaPro TECHNOLOGY® has shown itself to be an effective alternative to treating infertility:

– Success rates for NaPro TECHNOLOGY® are higher than success rates for IVF.
– The costs associated with treatment are far lower than traditional IVF costs.
– It has been shown to be effective in bringing about childbirth after miscarriage(s).
– It offers solutions to those suffering from premenstrual syndrome.
– There is a high success rate of treating postpartum depression.

NaPro TECHNOLOGY® treatments widely differ from traditional care for couples who are having trouble conceiving. A standard approach to treating women’s fertility health problems is through birth control pills, and IVF or other artificial reproductive technologies to help couples conceive.

It is important to note that these standard solutions are not the only way to either treat women’s health issues or address infertility. The beauty of the technology utilized in our approach is that it doesn’t only address infertility, but also assists with irregular cycles, endometriosis, and more.

The science backing the work of Dr. Hilgers, the founder of NaPro TECHNOLOGY®, dates back more than 30 years. Lots of research, time, and investment have gone into ensuring this treatment model delivers on what it offers. It is a valuable tool that is specifically designed to train physicians on fertility charting, which allows women to monitor and maintain procreative and gynecological health the natural way.

How this method treats menstrual and fertility cycles

The model that NaPro TECHNOLOGY® is based on, the Creighton Model, treats any deviation from a normal menstrual and healthy fertility cycle as a critical abnormality that must be addressed to treat fertility problems. Unless these issues are treated, it could be nearly impossible to conceive.

By measuring a woman’s natural cycles, this method, based on scientific research, helps couples address concerns that might not otherwise be effectively treated using traditional methods. A lot of time and research has also gone into defining the effective parameters of the Creighton Model of fertility care.

Doctors who go against the grain

Those practicing NaPro TECHNOLOGY® are medical doctors who are trained specifically on these types of treatments and have chosen to work using a method of care that offers an alternative to the “standard.” They have mastered protocols through rigorous training and long hours of research.

Clients who work with these friendly, professional fertility experts find a sense of relief and validation that they don’t experience with other methods of fertility treatment. Working with a clinic like ours also provides you with plenty of time to discuss health issues in a way that may not have occurred before.

For an IVF alternative in Weston Wisconsin that offers you something different, a natural solution that listens to your body, it is time to give the Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center a call. We can offer you a new way to treat women’s health and infertility issues.

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