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Why is charting so important to treating infertility?

March 20, 2019

39524007_MSome people who are going through our model of treating infertility wonder why it is so important to complete what we refer to as charting your fertility and menstrual cycle. The question of charting comes up all the time, so we wanted to approach each aspect of fertility charting from the perspective of a woman who has been asked to do it.

There are several aspects of approaching fertility charting. They are rooted in a level of standardization and knowledge that has been fine-tuned with time and research. Treating infertility is not something that happens in a vacuum. The best ways to improve our methods of treating infertility, and charting specifically, come from scientific facts.

Using knowledge, confidence, and empowerment to treat infertility

If you remember one thing, it is that knowledge is power. When you complete a fertility chart, you are gaining vital knowledge regarding natural family planning, synchronized with your body’s needs. Infertility should not be regarded as a disease, but rather, something that results as a natural function of your body.

When you complete your fertility chart, you will be empowered with the knowledge of when you are fertile or infertile and choose how to use the system. You do all this without the use of chemicals, pills, or unwanted side effects. You gain the confidence of being in charge of your own health when you can control how you manage your fertility cycle.

Understanding the importance of fertility charting

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is a standardized system that allows women to fully chart their fertility cycle. By standardizing your cycle, you are providing your practitioner with a way to map out your treatment options, no matter the fertility issue you are dealing with.

The chart goes beyond just treating fertility concerns, though. It also provides women with information regarding the length of their fertility cycle, the duration and heaviness of their period, as well as key insights on their amount of mucus and mucus cycle. Fertility charting helps to bring clarity to the situation and can help provide couples with the information they need to conceive without using artificial methods.

Addressing infertility as a team effort

When you work with your practitioner, they are doing everything they can to help you achieve pregnancy the natural way. Your doctor is trained in chart management, chart diagnosis, and more. By properly managing one’s fertility chart, the doctor can create a comprehensive level of diagnostic testing and treatment.

If there are any problems, the doctor can address the fertility chart to determine where adjustments may need to be made. Over time, changes can occur, so chart management is a technique that also must evolve over time. Your doctor can help you successfully complete this process. As bodies and hormones change over time, new chart management techniques will be required.

As you go through the process of managing your fertility chart, you may also uncover things – specific observations – that illuminate an unknown deficiency or problem of some sort. Restoring your reproductive health to a level that will eliminate ills and achieve pregnancy requires a team effort that comes from charting your fertility cycle and working with your practitioner to address your health needs the all-natural way.

To address infertility in Wisconsin in a way that allows you to learn more about your body – a way that helps you better know your own cycle – contact Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center. Dr. Couri and Dr. Smyth have been doing this work for a long time and know fertility charting very well. Make an appointment today to learn more about how they do it.

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