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4 Pillars of Health

4 pillarsBy focusing on the 4 foundational pillars of heath which are nutrition, fitness, detoxification/gut health and hormone balance, individuals are introduced to a new model of healthcare that will help them manage and overcome their health problems. Our unique approach to wellness is based on a curriculum that involves group education, individual visits, and mentor-ship throughout the process. To achieve optimal health, individuals must develop the mindset that health is their most precious commodity. By understanding how the 4 pillars of health make an impact, individuals are able to uncover and manage the underlying causes of their health conditions. This allows them to gain independence and achieve their health goals.

Our program involves a comprehensive educational curriculum that empowers individuals by providing them with the tools they need for long-term health. The structure of the program creates a system that addresses the most common factors contributing to the ever-increasing health problems affecting our nation. These include obesity, autoimmune disease, metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, to name a few.