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Patient Testimonials

Amy’s Testimony

“The wisdom, care, and sincerity of Dr. Louise Smyth are truly unparalleled in her profession. She has gone above and beyond, leaving me very blessed that I have found such a trusted health advisor and advocate. As her patient, I can’t help but feel that I am being cared for by a close friend as well as a medical doctor.” (Read more…)


Jessica’s Testimony

“With Dr. Couri I found someone who really listened to me and took into account each of my symptoms.  Thanks to her diligence, patience, extensive experience, and her willingness to utilize nontraditional methods she has helped me regain my health.” (Read more…)


Tina’s Testimony

“Before I started seeing Dr. Smyth, I had been feeling sick with all kinds of different symptoms and on top of it; my husband and I had been struggling with infertility for about 2.5 years, with no answers as to why. I was only 35 years old and was in a terrible place. I needed someone ANYONE to help me.”


Victoria’s Testimony

“When I first walked through Dr. Couri’s office door I was exhausted, lethargic and frustrated.  I didn’t have the energy to complete a work day, let alone participate in any of the activities I enjoy. Dr. Couri and her friendly, professional staff have guided and encouraged me to take charge of my health. With Dr. Couri’s help I am proactive with my health and well-being, instead of the traditional, reactive health care I settled for year after year in the past.”