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Family planning with an IVF alternative

July 20, 2017

42245442 - portrait of a smiling couple having fun outdoorsCouples seeking to understand what they can do about infertility often discover procedures such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Yet they might not realize that an IVF alternative can actually provide hope and healing in a way that matches or even exceeds the positive outcomes of more invasive medical treatments.

You should approach an IVF alternative with an open mind. At our clinic, for example, we will listen to your story, learn about your family’s medical history and identify the best ways to help you move forward on your family planning journey. The concept of an IVF alternative is admittedly a new one for many people, but you can have confidence there are many such alternatives that are supported with sound science and decades of medical history.

As a couple, there are several questions you can ask your doctor about an IVF alternative to ensure you have the best information for decision-making purposes. Those questions include:

  • What kind of an IVF alternative can help me and my family?
  • How does this approach work, and what are the benefits?
  • What will I need to do to ensure this approach is successful? How do you measure success?
  • What kind of a timeframe is associated with this approach?

Once you have answers to those questions, you are ready to begin the next chapter of your treatment.

How an IVF alternative helps families conceive

At our clinic, we have incorporated several important concepts and medical approaches for couples facing infertility. First, we view women’s health care through the lens of functional medicine. This means we recognize that exterior symptoms are not a perfect reflection of overall health. Instead, the symptoms we experience such as allergies, heart disease, depression and even infertility often stem from underlying medical issues that need to be understood. Stress, a poor diet, a lack of sleep and genetics are a few of the factors that can influence how we act and feel.

By treating these underlying medical issues, we can have greater success with treatments that promote family planning among couples seeking to conceive. This process takes an investment of time and learning, but in our view and those of successful couples we have supported through this process, it is time well spent.

Second, our clinic is pleased to use the women’s health science called NaPro TECHNOLOGY™. This science is built around the process of charting women’s fertility and menstrual cycles. That information can then be used to make informed decisions about health care. In our view, the more data we can evaluate, the better the treatment outcomes will be for the women who rely on our team for sound health recommendations.

Third, you should be aware that our recommendations are built on four pillars of health. These pillars are a factor in the life of every person, and when they are ignored, it can often produce imbalances that must be addressed before optimal health is attained.

One pillar is nutrition. This means we need to eat right and maintain a diet that puts more of the proper nutrients into our bodies and less of the sugar, salt and additives too common in modern meals. Another is fitness, which refers to the exercise we do to remain fit and in shape. Working out can have tremendous benefits for everyone, especially couples seeking to conceive. Another is detox. We encourage our patients to be proactive in removing toxins from the body that can impair our progress. Last but not least are hormones, which can shape many aspects of personal health.

No matter where you are on your family planning journey, there is an infertility clinic in central Wisconsin that can help. Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center. It is our team’s honor to answer your questions as you seek to work with medical professionals who can help you make progress through to a healthier life. Call 715-298-5991 for more information.

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