Patient Success Stories

Couri & Smyth Health For Life’s Program has managed uncovered underlying causes of infertility, PCOS, and menopause for many people. Hear from our patients who have found success and achieved their goals from our health program.

✔ Understand the Desired Goals That Our Patients Wanted to Achieve
✔ How Our Health Program Has Made a Difference in Their Lives
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Couri & Smyth Health For Life - Health Program - Rick Johnson


  1. Helped Heather From Inside, Out
  2. No Invasive Surgery Needed
  3. Overall, Healthy Pregnancy
Couri & Smyth Health For Life - Health Program - Anna

Wholistic Health

  1. Overall Health Improvements
  2. No Longer Have Digestive Worries
  3. Constant Fatigue Is Gone
Couri & Smyth Health For Life - Health Program - Menopause Patient Nikki

Menopause Management

  1. Healthiest She Has Been in 10 Years
  2. More Energy / Lack of Exhaustion
  3. Lost 60lbs of weight
Couri & Smyth Health For Life - Health Program - Infertility


  1. Grave’s Disease in Remission
  2. Thyroid Numbers Back to Normal
  3. Positive & Healthy Pregnancy

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Dr. Smyth & Patient

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