Feel Happy & Healthy With Our Doctor-Guided PCOS Health For Life Program

Start your journey to managing PCOS symptoms, preventing life-threatening diseases, and balancing hormones.

Empower Your Journey: Managing PCOS Naturally

Start your journey to managing PCOS symptoms, preventing life-threatening diseases, and balancing hormones.

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Lifestyle Program Made For You

Manage PCOS Symptoms

If you feel like you’ve tried everything for your PCOS and nothing is working, this may be the program for you. We educate you on how to manage PCOS symptoms through nutrition, fitness, gut health, hormone balance and mentoring.

Feel Heard & Supported

We take your health concerns seriously and you will be heard by our Doctors and team. We track your progress to further understand areas that are successful and those that still need work.

Love Your Body Again

Feeling frustrated with your body? Let us help you learn to trust and love your body again, and see the results by committing to your health! Start to feel comfortable in your skin with our noninvasive program.

Steps To See If Our
Program Is The Right Fit For you

Follow These 3 Simple Steps

  1. Watch PCOS Webinar
  2. Book Free Discovery Call
  3. Schedule Your First Appointment


Meet the Doctors

Dr. Kimberly Couri

Dr. Kimberly Couri, a Chicago native, holds an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and chemistry from the University of Illinois. She pursued her medical education at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her internship at MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn, IL. Her Family Practice Residency was accomplished at Bon Secours Hospital in Gross Pointe, MI, leading to board certification in Family Practice by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Dr. Couri is also a certified medical consultant in NaPro Technology™. Beyond her medical career, she cherishes moments with her daughters and growing family, including her first granddaughter. She dedicates her practice to her husband, Dr. Tom Connolly, a mentor. Dr. Couri finds joy in outdoor activities, hiking, quality time with loved ones, and nurturing her faith.

Dr. R. Louise Smyth

Dr. R. Louise Smyth, a board-certified Family Practice physician, has practiced in Wisconsin since 1995. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, she earned her biology degree there. She obtained her medical degree from the University of Calgary School of Medicine and completed her Family Practice Residency at the Plains Health Center in Regina, Saskatchewan. Dr. Smyth and her husband stay busy with their five sons, their families, and church commitments. She enjoys gardening and outdoor activities.


“If you have health issues that traditional medicine is baffled at, please give Drs. Couri and Smyth a try. I have a pretty heavy medical history and Dr Couri was able to work with my situation and also with my medical doctors to get me the results I had almost despaired of. They are kind, very thorough and personable and their emphasis on patient education and awareness is 2nd to none. You will learn alot!”
-Hannah B.

Look For The Signs

Symptoms of PCOS May Include:

  • Excessive Body Hair Growth
  • Weight Changes & Trouble Losing Weight
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Irregular Or Missed Periods
  • Thinning Hair
  • Acne
  • Mood Changes
  • Infertility

Unfortunately, there is no cure for PCOS, but our program can help manage all of these symptoms and harmonize hormone balance. Get started with our team by joining our free webinar to learn more!

PCOS Webinar

 We request that you watch this on-demand webinar before taking the next step of booking a Discovery Call with us.


“Dr. Couri & her team are very helpful. My health has improved. I’ve lost weight. And, I’ve learned a great deal about the impact of nutrition, hormones, stress, my environment and exercise on my health. I appreciate Dr. Couri’s attention to very detailed lab results and close monitoring for improvement.”

– Margie H.

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We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Our program is an investment in lifelong health. Our team teaches its patients how to live a healthier lifestyle in order to fix underlying ailments. Our program is fantastic for women looking to regain their health. Our team can help alleviate symptoms and help those feel good on a daily basis.