Patient Success Story

Rick’s Health Restored

“I came to your office [Couri & Smyth Health For Life] in search of an answer to my symptoms. In the traditional medical system, we ran into a dead end. A friend told me to check out your program and mentioned they had a very knowledgeable staff that would dig into my symptoms a lot more.

I had many, many labs. Tried P.T., massages, etc. Nothing seemed to make a change for the better. I’m guessing if my symptoms are not the average symptoms, that at the local medical system doesn’t have time to dig into these. Even though I have had a healthy lifestyle, I still lost ~12lbs, started lifting weights, and have learned many resources to navigate foods, hygiene products, etc. I am very pleased to have had this opportunity. My journey isn’t over, but I am excited to see what lies ahead!

I would absolutely refer my friends and family!”

-Rick J.

Couri & Smyth Health For Life - Health Program - Rick Johnson
Couri & Smyth Health For Life - Health Program - Health Management


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